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Grow Your Nutrition Business

Nov 7, 2022

People don't buy information. They buy transformation. How do you switch your marketing strategy, create compelling content and push it to generate more leads?

 In today's episode, Macy Robison, director of Story brand, joins us to discuss effective marketing and messaging strategies for business owners.

In the session, we delve into the Story brand framework, the importance of investing time in creating content and why you should focus on pushing your content through search engines rather than social media platforms. Additionally, we expound on the Youtube formula by Derall to generate more leads, why it's important to maximize on your nail thumb and video title, as well as common mistakes people make in marketing.

Tune in for more!

What You’ll Learn:


  • People don't buy information but buy transformation. How do you support people with their transformation?
  • The story brand framework. How gym owners need to switch their marketing strategy to implement the story brand framework
  • Practical tips for gym owner's success
  • Why people should invest time into creating content
  • Pushing your content on social media platforms
  • Focusing more on search engines where content can live, thrive and grow
  • The Youtube Formula and the power of optimizing your thumbnail and video title
  • Debunking the myth that your video needs just to go viral to become successful
  • Why there's no correlation between the number of followers to the number of dollars
  • Common mistakes people make when it comes to putting content out there
  • How to get your existing gym members bought in with your nutrition and coaching program



Mentioned Books

 Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

The Youtube Formula by Derral Eves


Mentioned Links

Business Made Simple by Donald Miller

Marketing Made Simple by Dr J.J Peterson

 To connect with Macy Robison

 Instagram: Macy Robison